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Oh Sehun - comeback show case ; <3
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Happy birthday to our dearest maknae prince, Oh Sehun! Looking back at your pre-debut photos, it doesn’t look like you’ve changed much at all- you are still the same, handsome boy. During the past 2 years, we have seen you grow not only height wise but talent wise as well. However, you still remain as the same boy who laughs at immature things,tortures his hyungs every day and yet prays for them every night. Your eyes still crease upwards when you’re happy, you clap like a seal when excited, you frown out of habit and you manage to bring a smile to so many people’s faces every single day.

On this day, i would like to thank your parents for raising such an angelic boy. May you continue to work harder to make them, as well as everyone else around you proud. Please stay happy and healthy and may all wonderful things come your way (after all, great things happen to great people, right?)I love you! 

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When I ask you what color it is, 
i will make our world became,
blue. and, I love you.
[Blue!Kray for anon!]
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Mirror Verse ft. Baekhyun requested by saengseon
it’s like you’re my mirror, staring back at me

The Truth Behind Galaxy

SM: okay y’all, “galaxy” is going to be the name for the exo fandom
EXO: what no are you serious
SM: but we need one person to pull it off as their slogan beforehand so it aaaaaalll just looks like a coincidence…
EXO: no one is going to do tha—-
Kris: sometimes i hear myself inside my own head, it’s like i can hear me thinking about myself and i’m like hello kris get out of my head please i’m trying to focus here
EXO: ...
SM: ...
Kris: shh kris i know the answer is 11
SM: ... he’s perfect

exoeternally asked: Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem ^^

Thank you, dear. Uhm…I like my eyes? and I like my clavicles?

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